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Spring Fitness and Wellness News

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009

I hope you have enjoyed the clips I filmed for you from South Seas Island Resort in Captiva Island, Florida. These clips give you some simple and effective moves to help you strengthen and sustain cardio strength in as little as 10 minutes a day. Get into a routine that works for you and then make it your daily habit-the body likes a schedule and we are always more successful when we have a plan. Make exercise your priority every day even if only for 10 minutes a day. Now that it is warmer-get outside! Walk, walk, walk. Ceasar, the dog whisperer, teaches people to walk their dogs as the number one behavior adjuster-it calms them mentally. We are the same-exercise calms us mentally and generates and channels energy. We also need sunshine for a source of Vitamin D, an important nutrient in the arsenal of cancer fighting immune system boosting aids. We underestimate the good old fashioned tired and true sources of good health. Sunshine, an apple a day, laugh to release stress and share love. ? This spring season we are concerned about “bugs.” Spring is usually a time for allergy issues. Pollen from the beautiful plant life around us aggravating our eyes and sinus. We

also are experiencing flu pandemic scares-(don’t panic-pandemic simply means it spreads across populations). Virus circulating via the mouth and sinus. The common element here is foreign invaders entering the body via cavities. Aggravating a response from our immune systems. The best and first strategy of protection for all and any” bugs” is to wash. For spring allergies-clean your sinus!! Wash your hair at night to keep pollen out of your pillow. Wash hands frequently-allergens are on your hands as well. Please, please, please stop taking those cold/allergy medications-they seriously affect and disrupt the normal functioning of important organs and systems like your BRAIN, endocrine systems, weight(metabolism), blood sugar (pancreas), thyroid, vascular health (neuropathy) etc. Dr. Oz (cardiovascular surgeon)and Dr. Keith Black (brain specialist) discussed the dangers of benedryl last month in regard to brain impairment. We need our brain healthy and functioning at a high level! To protect yourself against viruses-wash! Hands and sinuses as well! Don’t use the antibacterial stuff-plain soap and water for hands-luke warm, sea salt water for sinus. The virus’s and bacterium will always stay one step ahead of the meds. The antibiotics today are not the antibiotics of our youth-they are very powerful and should be used carefully as a last resort. Keep your immune system healthy with good nutrition and exercise. Lower stress- Use yoga breathing to release tension, worry anger-these emotions actually injure your immune strength! (slowly breathe in through nose and out through nose or mouth at least 10 times in a continual and relaxed fashion). There are some wonderful anti-virals that strengthen your immune system and are phyto nutrient based. Check out your local health food store-elder berry is one example. (American Indians used elderberry to treat illness). There are many others( sources of Vits C, E, B12, omega 3’s) as well. Bottom line? Everything that we need to do for ourselves helps us on every level- immediate short term and long term. Get back to basics:

  1. Eat for nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, avoid meds.
  2. Think of every day as a season.
  3. The morning is spring time-rebirth, re-growth.
  4. Start your day with nourishment exercise and nutrition-stretch to stimulate circulation,eat to sustain energy and adjust your thoughts positively-they will direct your day!
  5. The active part of your day is summer-the fruition of your garden-enjoy.
  6. Afternoon into evening is autumn… allow your self to start to wind down, slow down.
  7. Night time is winter-sleep to restore well being .

Be well, Isabella

May 2009

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009

Betti Pot launch at Whole Foods! Massanutten Virginia: classes M-F Hatteras Island North Carolina :Kiteboarding Clinic and Fitness Camp

Captiva Island: South Seas Resort

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009

Isabella recently filmed her Heart Beat Cardio/Strength program, stressing the kamagra jelly importance of EFFECTIVE exercise! This exquisite setting afforded the beauty and spirit to all that Isabella represents. You too can experience the serene setting by watching Isabella’s programs in the privacy of your own home by clicking here: Isabella at Captiva Island Enjoy and get fit with Isabella Jones!