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The “Secret” to Staying Fit

Posted on Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Your health and wellness is constantly on my mind (you are MY future) and I wanted to share some simple strategies for more energy kamagra and well being this winter.

The “secret” that successful people know when it comes to staying fit is this: being active is a lifestyle, not a chore.

It never stops being a priority in your day and it is 7 days a week, not one or two or three days a week.

And…being active and getting the most for your time is not about moving for the numbers-the scale,the inches, the clock, the repetitions.

It is everything about you taking time for YOU.

You are more than a number!

Take time away from the daily grind, mentally, emotionally, while you move physically.

Once you get this into your day as a routine, you will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Being active should not be just another task towards a eventual goal (weight loss, inches lost).

Don’t watch the scales-free yourself – learn to enjoy moving for no reason other than it helps you to feel better.

It can be any activity that allows you to be transported for a moment to a better state of awareness and better mood right now.

If the gym kamagra price in india or exercise classes helps you to stay active with enjoyment, then, great.

if you can’t make that happen then get fit at home.

Walking briskly, cardio strength moves, dancing,biking.

Don’t wait until you “feel” like getting off the couch to exercise-get off the couch and you WILL feel like it once you start exercising.

And you will be so glad once you have done it.

We have to understand that getting healthy is as much about our mental and emotional well being as it is our waistlines.

Can you do this in as little as 10-20 minutes a day?


This experience of “exercise induced well being” has been called the” runners high”-but you don’t need to “run” to get there.

Moderate exercise- getting the heart beating and the respiration/circulation flowing will automatically do THIS for ANYONE at any age or stage of life:

Better brain function/you will be smarter!

Better moods

Increased metabolism

Stronger immune system

Successful people” just do it”…. being active is who they are, not just what they do.

I want this to be who you are- you don’t have to be a “fitness freak,” you don’t have to be a triathlete.

I want you to be an Active Person and experience how staying active changes everything for the better-especially your energy and your moods.

This will be life altering for kamagra fél tabletta you.

Just do it.

Write to me and I will be here for you!