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Are You Cleaning Out Your Sinus?

There is more evidence now than ever before that sinus health is linked to a person’s overall well-being. As health-conscience individuals, we must take control of our health, and the health of our families and friends, and be proactive. Starting today, you can experience immediate relief from allergies and asthma, from colds and sinus infections, simply by cleaning out your sinus. It makes sense. Your sinus cavity is a dark, moist area that must be cleaned out like other dark, moist areas in your body to prevent infection. Throughout your day, you breathe in dust and pollution and over time, this buildup leads to illness. By cleaning out your sinus with lukewarm saltwater daily, you are maintaining your health through proactive measures. Consider the Betti Pot the toothbrush for your mouth: you don’t wait to get a cavity to begin brushing your teeth, right? You brush a little bit, everyday, to prevent a cavity from forming. We need to take control of our health and be PROactive, not REactive. Cold medications and antibiotics are not good for you – – there is a reason why Benadryl is not acceptable for use by small children. I encourage you to be the soldier in your family that makes using the Betti Pot a common practice. I guarantee that once you experience the amazing benefits that the Betti Pot has to offer, you will become hooked. With the Holiday Season rapidly approaching, I encourage you to give the gift of health to your friends and family. We all deserve to live long, vibrant, unrestricted lives. Visit for more information about benefits and how to order. This product is truly superior to all others and is my passionate attempt to improve your health.

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  1. frances williams Says:

    dear isabetty
    i named my carolina skiff “betty pot”


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