In seconds you can reverse stress with my yoga training and start living your life with better health and enjoyment!

- Isabella Jones

Reuters, Forbes, CNBC and Fox News Covers Isabella Jones & How the Betti Pot ™ Fights Flu Virus

Read the complete health benefits of the Betti Pot ™ article below.

Click on this article link: Health Educator Isabella Jones Urges Americans to Practice Daily Sinus Cleansing To Help Clear Up Sinuses

We buy unnecessary medications for every sniffle, ache and pain.

These meds do not heal you, are expensive, and can actually hurt you because of the side effects that affect your endocrine system and your brain not to mention your ability to function clearly through your day.

“So start this thousands of year old practice-rinsing the sinus!”

Just like brushing your teeth, this is the toothbrush for your nose.


Holiday Special: FREE refillable apothecary bottle of sea salt and FREE shipping The Best way to clear up sinuses and stay healthy (even if you don’t have sinus issues – wash away those airborne viruses) with the Betti Pot ™, the Better Neti made in the USA from non-toxic high fired porcelain, 100% green.

3 Responses to “Reuters, Forbes, CNBC and Fox News Covers Isabella Jones & How the Betti Pot ™ Fights Flu Virus”

  1. Cheryl Oliver-Adeyeri Says:

    Please change my email address to the above address. The graceland address is my husbands, and I might not get all of your emails forwarded to me. I purchased a Betti pot the last time I was at the resort, over a year ago. I must admit I have not used it yet, which is crazy because I have had several cold this winter. Thanks for reminding me about the Betti Pot!

  2. Dan Richards Says:

    Isabella have a wonderful holiday season hope to see you next year.

  3. Beverly Walker Says:

    Hi Isabella, I am looking forward to seeing you this summer. I did want to let you know I have been using the Betti pot. I think it is working well except it burns sometime. That is my husband’s reason for no using it and he has a lot of draibnage that is iritating his stomach so he hesitates to use it.

    I have been completing my yoga exercise every other moning. I need to do something to help my memory skills.

    Have a wonderful holiday, Thanks from Hershey

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