In seconds you can reverse stress with my yoga training and start living your life with better health and enjoyment!

- Isabella Jones


Isabella Pursues Certification

Isabella continues to partner

with influential organizations like the Center for Mind-Body Medicine so that she can provide you with the latest, most beneficial, health-related information. She is currently attending CMBM’s Professional Training Program in Minneapolis, MN with Dr. James Gordon and his respected team to learn about the scientific basis for mind-body medicine. Isabella will be learning “tools for self-care and stress management, including: meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback and autogenic training, breathing and movement, and self expression through words and drawings.” Upon returning, she will share these techniques with you so that you can also become more mind-body aware. Please return to the website for updated posts and information. If you wish you join Isabella’s e-mail list, please indicate so in the contact form provided within the website.

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