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- Isabella Jones

January Newletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! I have been thinking about ALL of YOU and hoping that you are looking forward to this coming year like I am. I do not practice nor endorse the “New Year Resolution” philosophy as an approach to health. This idea of starting over every year to redress poor or negligent health habits creates an expectation of failure. Your good health is a lifetime practice, one which you will just get better and better at each year!! So… LETS COMMIT to EACH OTHER for 2009 and LETS COMMIT together to a lifetime of wonderful health habits. Lets concentrate on sustaining our INTERNAL HEALTH… the health of our vital organs and physical systems. Please don’t email me about your desire to lose 10 pounds Please don’t email me about the extra fluff around your waist. Please email me with your questions, comments, strategies and advice about how to FEEL BETTER, GET MORE ENERGY, HAVE MORE JOY. I would love to hear your questions about the health of your heart, your brain, your endocrine system and your balance and strength. I would love to help you with your plans for anti-aging. If you focus on getting and keeping your “inside” healthy, the outside will follow. Lets redefine how we think of health – it is much, much more than what we can SEE

in the mirror. But when we are HEALTHY, we look AMAZING!!! Take pride in caring for your physical well being, just like you take pride in your lawn, or home, or car. In this time of financial uncertainty you can recoup MONEY by INVESTING in your HEALTH. Day by day, week by week, month by month and year after year. START with simple effective steps-DAILY EXERCISE, even if only for 10 minutes. Include CARDIO STRENGTH with BALANCE and AGILITY challenges I will continue to post examples of my cardio-strength program “Heart Beat” for you to follow and download. Start NOURISHING your body with essential nutrients-fruits, veggies, calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids to name a few. Get a good breakfast (make sure your kids get a good breakfast) NOT laden with sugar. DON’T diet (a dirty little four letter word) -create HEALTHY EATING habits that are permanent. More nutritional tips will follow in upcoming posts. STRETCH to sustain mobility and flexibility-yoga based, easy stretches every day. My Yoga vitamins are exactly that-nourishing and conditioning sequences that take very little time and can be done anywhere. Do a little every day. I offer examples online that are available for download. Our new Resort Yoga DVD will be available soon as well. RELAX and REDUCE your stress! Stop rehashing the same old arguments, grievances, disappointments, worries. Let it Go! BREATHE slowly and deeply to initiate the bio mechanical change in your body…. then relax your face, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and toes. Immediately releasing stress and practicing relaxation will improve your health, short term and long term. The more you practice letting go of clomid calculator for ovulation stress, the easier it will be and you will discover that you become more relaxed and that you will carry less tension. This may be the most important health change and habit that you can create. I am COMMITTED to partnering with you and helping YOU with my motivation, education and training. I have also enlisted the help of some amazing health educators- to name a few-Dr. Mehmet Ox, Dr. Mike Roisen, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dean Ornish. All of us are committed to bringing you everything we can in terms of information to help you create a lifetime of health, fitness and emotional wellness. Those of you who email me know I respond immediately-so keep in touch! I will be posting weekly tips, info and articles to help you in your journey toward a lifetime of health and wellness. BE WARRIORS NOT WORRIERS!!! (Thanks, Joyce, for that wonderful quote, I love it!!) follicles clomid Take care my wonderful students and friends, Isabella

5 Responses to “January Newletter”

  1. Lani Says:

    Hey, Betty! What’s the name of the vitamin you and your daughter mentioned – virablock or something? Who is the manufacturer?

  2. Mark Suprin Says:

    Thanks Isabella for your encouragement and advice.


  3. Amy Hurd Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts:)

  4. Kay Moyer Says:

    Thanks for the pick me up. I have commited to getting pounds off and am not stopping until it is done, will be a t Massanutten in Aug. to show progress and how healthy and thin I am, Have a great year. KAY

  5. Paula Planey Says:

    Dear Isabella, I am no longer receiving your newsletters. Please put me back on your list. I loved my YOGA with you at the resort and still talk about it to this day. I really love your sensible approach to yoga and LIFE! Thank you so much. I do hope this email finds you and that you are doing well. Thanks so much, Paula Planey

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