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- Isabella Jones



Greetings to all of you! You are in my thoughts and

I hope that October is a month of health and well being for you! In this time of election frenzy, many of us in this country are all experiencing some “election fatigue.” The financial uncertainty is making many of us stressed, anxious and sick. I want all of you to practice my yoga vitamins to calm the stress response that your bodies are producing. It really works! I know that you can feel better every day if you remember to practice your breathing and stretching. Many of you are writing me about your increased mental and physical well being as a result of practicing my simple daily health plan. Let’s go through it together again:

  • First thing in the morning, do your morning yoga vitamin.
  • During the day, breathe in and out slowly to calm the stress response-at least three deep slow breaths will work.
  • Get 10 minutes of exercise each day to keep your circulation healthy and strong.
  • At night, do your evening yoga vitamin to help your body release the day so you can sleep well.

Keep emailing me with questions or comments – I love hearing from you! I care very much about your well being and am always here to help keep you feeling healthy, happy and energetic! My very best to you and Namaste, Isabella

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  1. Kay Smith Says:

    Isabella — thanks for the e-mail newsletter. You do a wondeful job and I appreciate your tips. Looking forward to more of them. Kay

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