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- Isabella Jones


Simple Every Day Exercise Program to Keep You Fit

Exercise is NOT a luxury, it is a NECESSITY! But how do we incorporate effective conditioning into our daily very hectic schedules?I have the solution for you-simple but effective cardio- strength moves designed to make you strong, boost your energy,stimulate your balance and improve your mood! Put your music on! Music improves not only our moods but our motivation-you will want to get moving! 1. Start by moving around-a brisk walk or marching in place, lift arms up and down-get the blood flowing in your limbs and prepare your body for a mini work out. Be aware of moving in a fluid fashion and do not bounce or jerk your body to prevent injuries. Breathe in and out in a sustained rhythmic fashion to oxygenate the blood and brain. 2. Knee lifts alternating-lift alternating knees towards chest while stretching arms out and in -the arms will come in when the knees lift up- the arms will go out when the knees straighten. Try to return feet to exactly the same spot-keep the belly button in (engaged) to support the back and strengthen the abdomen-quiet feet! Practice control with your movements don’t stomp or flail. Really pull the stomach in -lifting the knees w

ith the stomach in will give you the benefit of strengthening your core and all the muscles below the belt-using the arms will help to strengthen the shoulders, back, triceps and biceps. 3. Front jabs alternating-practice shadow boxing- Start with good form- feet apart, knees soft, shoulders down and back, chest up, abdominal muscles in. DO NOT LEAN FORWARD!!-The biggest mistake folks make is to lean forward, bending at the waist. Keep your torso erect and soften the knees. Bring arms up in front of the chest in a protective perpendicular position-elbows parallel, fists up in front of the chin. Rotate right side of the chest around to the left and using the rotation of the torso extend the right fist forward as if you are punching the “bad man” in the nose. The arm will extend and then retract-be easy on the elbow-DO NOT SNAP the elbow. The control involved in decelerating the arm will create strength. Repeat with other arm, torso rotating into the punch. Keep stomach in tight for strength,power and support !! 10 minutes of this daily will keep you strong! I will be adding routines and sequences each week for your exercise pleasure! Have fun and enjoy your life! Isabella


4 Responses to “Simple Every Day Exercise Program to Keep You Fit”

  1. Isabelle Whitlaw Says:

    I enjoyed your classes. Hope to see you next year.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Everything is very interesting. I will be 60 in a few weeks and am trying to lead a healthy life style. I live in Longwood, FL and plan on visiting “The Herb Shop” listed as a source for the “BettiePot” and get one to try out. I constantly have sinus issues, pressure and spend time taking antibiotics. I’d rather try a holistic approach. Thank you for the information.It looks promising.

  3. Cindy Payne Says:

    I have had the opportunity to work with you each year at Massanutten. I thank you for your insight and healthy exercise program. See you next year….

  4. Cindy Payne Says:

    Enjoyed your healthy work out at Massanutten.