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The Gondobay Manga Foundation

Hello, Friends!

How was your Thanksgiving? I have received many, many e-mails from so many of you and I thank you for keeping in touch!

Many of you have shared stories of “giving thanks” this past holiday.

Thanks for family, thanks for food , thanks for health.

I, too, have been feeling very thankful lately. I have been thinking every morning and evening of WATER and our abundance of it, largely because of my Betti Pot, my device that helps clean our sinus (and thank you to those of you who ordered one!)

Every time I turn on the faucet to bathe or drink, I realize how wonderful it is to have water at our finger tips.

I know you have an idea of how people in different areas of the world live – for example, people who must walk miles to collect water for their basic needs.

I recently decided to partner with The

Gondobay Manga Foundation [TGMF] to build schools and wells in Sierra Leone.

I am going to donate a portion of my profits from the Betti Pot to TGMF to help continue to build wells.

I feel it is fitting and I am so excited to be able to directly help families in need.

Many of you have expressed your interest in helping as well.

The terrific thing about TGMF is that they provide transparency so that we may follow the money and see its impact.

If you are able to help, please donate a dollar or two (or more!) Every penny is needed and will significantly change lives.

You will feel good about helping others with the very basics, such as water, that we commonly take for granted.

Our health is so linked to our hearts. When we give, we receive so much in return.

You are empowered when you help to lift others up-here is a simple way to significantly alter lives for the better!

We will be helping with an amazing celebrity-filled fundraiser for The Gondobay Manga Foundation in April in DC and will keep you posted! Our health is so linked to our hearts. When we give, we receive so much in return. Here is the link: “The only gift is a portion of thyself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson My love and my best to you, my friends, Isabella

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