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Your HealthCare Reform

Hello My students! It’s been so great connecting with all of you this summer and if we have not connected, then write to me!!! I have seen so many of you here at Massanutten and as always, every time I see and teach you, YOU give ME joy, and inspiration. You inspire me to try to be better and to continue to study and sustain my knowledge and training, so that I can continue to be better help to you and your families. Here recently, we are consumed with the issue of the HealthCare Reforms and the legislation about that. As a health care educator, I am very, very concerned. I use a word very often when I teach you-“proactive health”-remember that? It means taking care of” business” before something bad happens…”wash your hands, brush your teeth, clean your sinus, exercise a little every day, eat well every day…”etc etc) As an American, a mom to four kids, a daughter to four elderly parents and a sister to all of you, I believe that the most important solution to the HealthCare Reform issue is this: Yes, everyone should have medical care and access to that care, no question. But we MUST take responsibility at home – and proactive health starts at home. We cannot look at HealthCare Reform as just a matter of people showing up sick and asking to be fixed. Then the vicious cycle of unnecessary testing and over medicating will start-guess who will pay for it? Lets work on reducing, if not preventing, the illness’s and disease that we know CAN be prevented and minimized with simple proactive health habits!!! We already KNOW that we can improve, if not cure diabetes with exercise and dietary changes. And the same applies to many, many other illness’s and conditions that affect our health. We must start with ourselves and then spread the news and help others. Will you help me with this important task of teaching and encouraging others to take care of their health at home? In addition to the information and video footage I have online already, I will commit to a monthly health plan for us through the website-small steps that we can easily include in our lives to feel better. You may already be there-these tips may help you help someone else. Pay it forward, share this information with others-this principle and way of life has changed my life for the better -I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching and sharing with you and have been enriched beyond measure. You teach by your healthy example -in your family, your community, your school, place of worship, place of employment. I want each and everyone of you to start today to make the little, but very important, daily changes to invest in your future. Lets strengthen this country ourselves-do you really think government will be able to “fix it’ unless we step up and do our part? I believe WE are the solution and WE are the future and WE can and must create a healthier country for OUR children. xxoo, Isabella (Bettie)

6 Responses to “Your HealthCare Reform”

  1. Cindy Norell Says:

    So good to hear from you. I have been explaining the importance of cleaning the sinuses to all who have any sort of cold. It’s amazing what this simple thing does. Thanks for introducing me to the Betty pot. In my field, teaching music to elementary school children, it has been a wonderful tool in the fight to stay healthy.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Thanks! You are always SO motivational!

  3. Amy Hurd Says:

    Hi Betty,
    My family is coming to Massanutten in a few weeks!!! We can’t wait to do yoga with you:)
    Thanks for all the newsletters & love,
    Amy Hurd and family
    Severna Park, MD

  4. Carol Barris Says:

    Thank you so much for this POSITIVE reflection regarding health care reform! So much of the “information” promulgated by those whose income is provided by the present status quo have been playing Big Bad Boogie Man for many years on this issue. Carol

  5. Debie Beckward Says:

    Thank you for my wonderful health messages. I have been working out of town. I miss the class (great effect on my mind/body. Still using the bettie pot, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  6. Margie Wolverton Says:

    Thanks for the info you sent. Good to hear from you. Loved seeing you at Massanutten a couple of weeks ago for classes.

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