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- Isabella Jones


October Newsletter

Can you believe that the Holiday season is already here?  This time of year is blessed with family, friends, travel, and let’s not forget, food!  As we begin the battle with our appetites and the Holiday food that seems to be so plentiful, I want to give you some health tips that work for me and my family. 

First of all, we have Halloween looming at the end of the month.  You and I know that our kids should not be eating  the sugar that is distributed for Halloween.  We have got to give our kids alternatives, preferably, non-food alternatives that are fun!  I have started putting together crayons, bouncy balls, cool paper and origami shapes and other age appropriate fun stuff to distribute to the neighborhood kids.  I also make popcorn balls, bite-size healthy brownies and muffin treats, and of course, fruit snacks.  
I recently saw some Vitaming C lollipops and “healthy” candy at the health food today but the cost stopped me!  I want to get the emphasis off eating sugar and sweets and candy and onto other types of treats, will you join me? 

Let’s try to treat our kids with creative alternatives to candy.  The health issues associated with candy and sugar can be minimized if we teach our kids to treat candy as a very once-in-a-while indulgence.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly our kids lose interest and how much less candy they eat when they are finally exposed to it.  We are overwhelming our kids with sugar!  It’s everywhere!  This holiday season, let’s not fall into the traditional routine of providing sweet, unhealthy snacks to our youth.  We do not want to raise sickly, overweight kids and we all know this is a direct consequence of too much sugar.  Our kids are the future of this great nation!  Let’s give them the nutrition and health they deserve! 

So, how about these “energy” drinks that are everywhere?  Yikes!  Throw them out!  Don’t buy them!  Educate yourself and your family about the health problems associated with these drinks.  As parents, you have a responsibility to monitor your kids and know if they are drinking them.  “Energy” drinks are an epidemic on college campuses and kids are now combining these drinks with alcohol for a dangerous effect.  Isnt’ it ironic that the soft drink companies are touting these drinks as “energy” drinks, implying that they are positive and good for you?  The reality is is that these “energy” drinks are not healthy at all and are a form of legalized speed — they contain a lot of caffeine and a lot of sugar.  We are seeing damage from the use of these drinks including heart arythmia, mental anxiety, and pre-diabetic insulin resistance, to name a few. 

So to start off our Holiday Season, let’s avoid some of the pitfalls that leave us miserable by January.  Small changes daily add up to big differences later! 

Reduce, and remove, your family’s candy consumption — try fruit instead!  It’s just as sweet and provides vitamins and minerals. 

Work to change the traditions that you may have that encourage unhealthy, overeating.  After your Holiday meal, go outside and play tag or simply take a walk around the block.  The effects of exercise on lowering your blood sugar after a big meal are tremendously beneficial!

Instead of Halloween candy, let’s give our kids fun alternatives that might stimulate their imaginations and grow their minds!  Pass out crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, or coloring books and crayons. 

I’m sure many of you have even greater ideas that you would like to share with us!  Please do!  Feel free to post them on the website for others to see :) 

As always, my very best to all of you.  You are very special and very important to me,