In seconds you can reverse stress with my yoga training and start living your life with better health and enjoyment!

- Isabella Jones



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Written Testimonials

“This is an amazing class!  I have been attending for a week now, and each day I learn something new!  I believe that the skills I learned in this class will help me be more confident and strong for the future!”-Kaitlyn, 17

“Great class!  Loved the motivation!  Thank you!”-Michelle, 36

“A wonderful and valuable experience for my and my teenage daughters.”-Alise, 41

“I have been attending Isabella’s classes for approximately ten years.  I always look forward to her classes.  Isabella’s classes are very inspiring!”-Connie, 43

“I am a Reiki master and I am so grateful to have a class like this offered to the general public — this gentle, slow practice is so critical for our health and well-being.  Isabella has a beautiful energy and is so very sensible about how she teaches so that everyone remains safe and respects their own body.”-Barb, 44

“Very inspiring!  Stress reducing!  Great for all ages!”-Denise, 47

“Best yoga class I have ever attended!  Wonderful, useful information about life and health!  Thank you!”-Etta, 61

“This yoga class was wonderful!  I felt my whole body open and relax.  Everytime I go on vacation I tend to tighten up from lack of exercise, as I do yoga regularly at home.  This is the first vacation that I did not tighten up!  Great class!”-Cheryl, 35

“This class was very relaxing and allowed me to reflect.  Isabella is amazing and very encouraging!”-Geneen, 21

“Isabella is entertaining and she explains why we do the movements and how to include them in our daily lives.”-Andre, 57

“I’ve always wanted to try yoga and I couldn’t have started in a more positive way.  You made me feel veryself confident and feel like I didn’t have to worry about pushing myself and like all my problems were fixed.  I really want to keep it up!  You are an amazing and inspirational person!”-Katie, 15

“Wonderful class!  You are very informational and peaceful!  Feels great!”-Judy, 39

“This is the first time I’ve taken yoga and this was a rewarding experience.  I actually got up early every morning while on vacation [something I always say that I’m going to do but never do] this time.  I was determined and I’m glad I did.  Isabella is very knowledgeable and she shared the ‘why’ behind why we do what she teaches.  It helped to know that these simple exercises are the equivalent of all the equipment and gym memberships that I already have.  This was a wonderful experience!”-Crystal, 45

“Very good!  My first class experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”-Linda, 55

“Good coaching about returning to our awareness of our mind-body-spirit.”-Jessica, 32

“Fabulous!  Very energetic!  Lot’s of good information!  Very upbeat!  I was surprised that I began to sweat!”-Belinda, 49

“The experience was really great!  I loved it!  It was a great workout!”-Anastasia, 19

“My experience here was exciting!  I loved it!”-Aaron, 18

“This was an awesome and relaxing class!  We have really enjoyed our time with you — looking forward to returning next year!  Keep up the good work!”-Liz, 61

“Wonderful!  Instructor taught more than yoga — teaches about life!  You class taught stretching and relaxation and breathing.”-Angela, 55

“You are a great yoga teacher!  Thanks for helping me relax my body!”-Leslie, 9

“It was wonderful and restful!”-Karla, 39

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga lessons.  It has truly changed my life.  I am usually so up tight, but now I find myself sitting at my desk, just breathing and checking my posture.  If I’m slumping, I straighten myself up!”-Brenda, 50

“Isabella is a phenomenal teacher!  By practicing her yoga, I was able to avoid having back surgery.   I watch her first DVD everyday for inspiration.”-Ray, 45

“Great class!  I wish I could take Isabella home with me!”-Scarlet, 62

“Isabella is a wonderful teacher and motivator with great inspiration.  I enjoy the class because it is not intimidating and I feel like I am learning a new way of healthy living.”-Jemine, 38

“I come to this class because I love Isabella’s spirit.  She is simply wonderful!”-Sonya, 42

“Isabella teaches the best yoga class I’ve ever taken!  She is a great motivator!  She is constantly giving positive feedback to her students.  I always get a good workout when I attend her class.  My wife and I have been attending Isabella’s classes for over five years.”-Brian, 54

“Isabella’s yoga class is fun!  She engages everyone, young and old, to learn the movements in a non-competitive way.  She is a great motivator and encourages everyone to move and exercise even for just minutes a day.  She is a positive influence in my life!”-Merle, 50

“I would like to order the DVD.  Attended the class during the last week of June.  Absolutely loved it.  I’ve never felt so calm and felt like I worked so hard after doing anything else.”-Diana

“I just popped in your Yoga Vitamins CD and it’s #1! This is what you teach us in class and it’s simple and effective. I will be sharing this with everyone I know who is looking for some easy and time efficient yoga moves. It was great seeing you last week during my vacation at Massanutten. Continue to share your message because YOU make a difference:) –Love ya, Amy

“I’ve recieved my DVD.  My friend came over and we loved it!” –Thanks, Diana

“Thanks for your encouraging words. Look forward to your next class.” –Becky P. ~ Trust

“You are so right, I have struggled with being fit for the past 20 years, and now that I’m in my 50’s it’s time to get it right.  I had the pleasure of meeting you last summer at the Massanhuten (excuse the spelling) and honestly, you were the best yoga instructor I ever had.  It’s time to cook dinner, now and just wanted to share a quick message.  I enjoyed your recent message, and would appreciate receiving more.”  – Kathi, NJ

“We love your tapes!!” –Vince Monico