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A Healthier “US”, post #1

Hi everyone I promised

some information about a healthier “US” for the rest of our lives. “Nutrition” means providing your body with what it needs. The body has very basic and predictable requirements: *Enough rest/sleep/relaxation *Enough exercise *Enough of the vital nutrients your body requires for healthy functioning This piece will discuss the last issue-the vital nutrients required by your body for good health. We all make the mistake of thinking about nutrition as simply a matter of calories in, calories out… Eat too many calories and you will get fat. Eat fewer calories and you will get thin. This unfortunate viewpoint dismisses the nutritional necessity of foods like fruits, veggies calcium magnesium, and essential fatty acids. We have to eat. We have to eat nutritionally valuable foods. Every day. Other wise your energy will drop. And then you will not have a healthy metabolism, which is what burns the calories you eat at a healthy rate. So every day we all must get a balanced diet. Diet should refer to EATING WELL not eating in a temporarily deprived fashion. This information is nothing new… So why do we constantly fall into the diet trap, the diet supplement trap, the “Alli” debacle? Because we want some quick fix. Again there is NO MAGIC PILL or plan to get “thin”. If there were we would know about it. Do not be fooled by the “claims” perpetuated by TV, magazines. The only good plan for you is to make sure your body gets the nutrition it needs. Period. Six years ago my 84-year-old Dad’s “new” Doctor (a very busy practice and 11 1/2 minutes to speak with the patient) gave my Dad a sheet of dietary restrictions based on a low cholesterol diet. This sheet has been around for years…. no eggs, no meat, no diary. My Dad actually didn’t have high cholesterol levels -he just has MVP and this was a precautionary recommendation. So my Dad goes home and tells my Mom no more eggs, no more diary no more meat. And what then do they substitute for these nutritionally valuable foods? Fake food! My Mom started buying high fructose, trans fat filled “whole grain” muffins and cereals-the labels of these foods touted “Healthy whole grain.” And they were eating these” through the roof” levels of sugary foods instead of the poached eggs and toast they had been eating. My Dad actually ended up with serious health problems as a result of this. And now Docs are no longer labeling eggs as bad…. Eggs are a very good source of essential nutrients for everyone especially seniors! This is just an example of serious food confusion. Just like fats are not all bad -fat is essential for good health-essential fatty acids are essential for good brain/heart/eye function!! Educate yourself!! The information is out there. Do not look for a quick fix. Learn about nutritional values, eat balanced meals and the right amount of food. Eat sensibly-you know the difference between overeating and getting the right amount. If portion control is your issue, then eat less at a sitting. Do you really need a special sized plate? Come on-you know what a lot looks like versus less!!! Eat for hunger not for recreation or entertainment!! We act like we are sheep or cows living in some huge feeding lot and that some one else has to tell us what, when, why. Or that we have to take a pill to block fat because we are so out of control that we can’t make good choices!!! It’s insane!! I want US to take charge of our lives. And that means AWARENESS. You know your body and the only one who can get you back on track is you!! Go to the bookstore and get books on healthy eating, not one more diet book. DIETS DO NOT WORK. How many people diet, lose weight and then put it back on?? If we continually put the control, the decision making out of our hands through a diet regimen, a trainer, a pill…. What happens when you are on your own again? I am not listing foods you should eat here and I’m not giving you an eating plan other than to say make sure that you get more fruits and veggies every day! Consider juicing-that is a quick easy way to get fruits and veggies. Make sue you get essential fatty acids, calcium and magnesium every day!! Also, REDUCE YOUR refined SUGAR intake. I eat very little sugar daily but will indulge every once in a while with a fabulous dessert! Consider sugar your number one enemy!! I am not suggesting we use artificial sweeteners either- Go off sugar/sweeteners for three weeks and you can wean yourself off of them and change your taste buds for life! Three weeks is how long it takes to change your taste buds!! It works!! Be diligent, have discipline, be strong. You can do this!!!
Write me with questions, I do respond!! Much Love, Isabella

5 Responses to “A Healthier “US”, post #1”

  1. Becky Haire Says:

    Hi Betty,
    Thanks for the email. I come to Massanutten and LOVE your classes!! The energy you have is fantastic. If people listenened to you everyday, no one would need a therapist!!

    Our regular week is in July, but we visitied New Years Week and I made every class of yours.

    And I do have a Betty pot, I just need to use it before I have sinus problems!!

    Thanks for all your enthusiasm!

    Becky Haire
    Louisville, Kentucky

  2. Amy Hurd Says:

    Nicely said & you know I am a dietitian. I just recently replaced my sweets with fruit salad. I eat as much as I want and the fiber fills me up so that I no longer eat between meals. As a matter or fact, my mom accused me of eating too much at meals, when really I eat all my meals and they keep me full until the next one. I have drastically cut back my carbs and will have a dark chocolate every now and then. My weight has reduced and I feel much better in general. Keep the newsletters coming, it just means that you are sending me love.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Hi Bella
    Very interesting – thanks for sharing! I had to look up the word “debacle” as I hadn’t used this before. I use “debauchery” every now and again – actually found in the Bible and very applicable to the university setting (tee-hee!)

  4. Junrey M Says:

    Hello Isabella Jones…
    I see that play a very nice rule in maintaining body fitness and soundness, hope that you can have a yoga partner over other countries like here us in Philippines.
    Hope that you will share your talent in making us, Relax, Restore and Renew.

    thanks, Junrey Philippines

  5. Ina Monahan Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the week of classes at Massanutten… Just got back Aug. 30 2013. I am sorry to have missed you on Thursday, but understand you had things going on at home. I had bought your Vitamin DVD on Wednesday, so walked back to my Massanutten Rental, plugged in the DVD and did my exercises when you couldn’t be here Thursday…

    I think everything you speak to us in class about MAKES ALOT OF COMMON SENSE! I also read your nutrition post about DON’T DIET, but EAT HEALTHY… yes, most of us gain back the diet pounds we lose to extreme diets like “Atkins” and it’s impossible to maintain these crazy diet restrictions without breaking down and going back to our old ways… and weights. I will continue to suck in my stomach and work the “flattening” by strengthening those muscles as you recommended.

    I have had some tough times the last few years and your classes this week literally helped lift me out of a the “stuff” I’ve been dealing with… So for that, thank you.

    I am interested to learn more about your teacher training as I too would love to help others the way you have helped many of us. Where, when etc. do you offer such training. I thought you mentioned this in class.

    All the very best to you and all your family.

    Ina in Northern VA

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