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- Isabella Jones


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you, my wonderful and dear students and friends, are enjoying yourselves in anticipation of Thanksgiving!

I wish you could join me for the Turkey morning work-out at Massanutten. I will be teaching Heart Beat (cardio kickboxing) and Resort Yoga tomorrow up at Le Club 8:45-10:45. Ya’ll know I exercise so I can eat! We will film some segments and upload them online so you can exercise with us this weekend and work off those calories!
Remember these tips:
  • Try to get a morning work out in – even 10 minutes will count!
  • Don’t overeat! Enjoy smaller portions!

  • If you do overeat and feel “stuffed,” then get up and walk around the house or neighborhood for 20 minutes-you will lower your triglyceride and fat levels in the blood stream and aid digestion.
  • Breathe and let stress go and try to enjoy the holiday!
  • Ask for help with the clean-up!
  • Volunteer to help with the clean-up!
My family started Thanksgiving last Sunday-we had our meal with immediate family so we could all be together and not be crazy (me) trying to get around to everyone on the big day. So tomorrow my honey and I will visit with my girlfriend and her large, noisy, fun family and we plan to let our hair down a little!
My thoughts are with you all and I wish for you a fun and loving day! Keep in propecia touch-let me know how you are-I answer all emails!

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