In seconds you can reverse stress with my yoga training and start living your life with better health and enjoyment!

- Isabella Jones


Teaching Resort Yoga at Masannutten Resort

Isabella is changes the lives of Middle America through Resort Yoga as she teaches

weekly all-inclusive classes at Massanutten Resort.


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2 Responses to “Teaching Resort Yoga at Masannutten Resort”

  1. Alisa Says:

    Hi Isabella,

    I enjoyed your class. I took Tae Box at Massanutten and enjoyed it. Do you have any DVD’s?

  2. gail rineer Says:

    I visited Massanutten Resort for a family vacation from Tampa, Florida the week of August 16th,2010. I am a regular exerciser,very busy,stressed out but take pride in the fact that I look good and am very disciplined with regard to exercise,being able to get into complicated yoga moves. I have been exercising for 40 years regularly and consistently and always push myself to stretch more and push through the pain. I needed to keep up with this exercise routine and attended a class at the resort before going out with my family. I am totally hooked.Isabella is right.Yoga has become very competitive revolving about egos.It has lost its original goals and intentions. There is a saying amongst the nursing community that we eat our young. I say that we in America have lost some of the basics with regard to values, priorities,support and respect for each other. I have since committed myself to going back to the basics and slowing down . Isabella, you Go Girl!!! I share your passion.

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